Funding for the SIPA2 Project was generously provided by the Dunhill Medical Trust. 

What is the SIPA2 project?

SIPA2 is dedicated to Improving the Pharmaceutical care of People with Sensory Impairment and builds on the work of the original SIPA project. Our goal is to  identify better and safer ways for older people with sensory impairment to manage their medicines.

The project has 3 main components:

  • Market and literature review of assistive products and services
  • Co-produced guidelines for product and service development and improvement. 
  • Online training resource for health care professionals, carers, friends and family of older people with sensory loss.

You can find more details on what these components look like on our Project page.

Alternatively, please watch this SIPA2 project introduction created with our partners at the Scottish Sensory Hub in 2021 to learn more about the study!

Or use this direct link to the SIPA2 project introduction.